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25th Apr 2013

Thirteen Life Lessons We Learned From Bridget Jones’s Diary

It taught us more than you think...

Bridget Jones’s Diary, the film based on the modern reworking of the classic masterpiece, Pride and Prejudice, is firmly a favourite in most DVD collections. However, Bridget is not just your run of the mill charming rom-com with the inclusion of a wonderful performance by Colin Firth… No, it’s so much more that.

1. Don’t go for the bad guy.

Ever. We all know this, we just never listen to ourselves.

2. Sometimes the bad guy seems excessively charming…

Even then, no.

3. Sometimes there is a second chance to make a first impression.

Not always.

4. If you’re not good at making speeches, maybe don’t…

Lots of awkward

5. Friends are great

6. Always, always sing like no one is listening

Or watching…

7. Occasionally you really have to say what’s on your mind…

Even better if it is aimed at someone you don’t really like.

8. Colin Firth, as any character, is the most charming person alive…

9. A Bunny Outfit is perhaps not the most suitable option…

Only sometimes!

10. Never assume you know what is going on in someone’s life.

11. Firefighting and short skirts don’t mix.

They really don’t.

12. Don’t leave your diary just lying around the place!

This is another case of the awkward.

13. The right guy will be there in the end.