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29th Aug 2017

There’s a new singing based talent show coming… but there’s a twist

Sounds even more intimidating.

Jade Hayden

all together now

Forget The X Factor, forget The Voice, forget every single singing-related talent show you’ve ever seen.

All of the above may have their own little quirks (remember The X Factor introduced the chair challenge? Intense), but there’s one thing that they all have in common – a panel of judges are the ones who decide who progresses, and who gets kicked out.

Well, the BBC is about to mix everything up with their new show, All Together Now. 

Expected to debut next year, the programme will see individual singers and groups perform in front of an audience known as ‘The 100.’

It is these 100 people who will decide the fate of the act, either joining in with the singing themselves or simply sitting in silence.

The more people who join in, the higher the contestant’s score will be.


all together now

The audience will be comprised of people with backgrounds in music, famous faces, or just regular old members of the public.

You could say that it’s actually a panel of 100 judges instead of the usual four.

Slightly more intimidating, in our opinion.

All Together Now will be hosted by comedian Rob Beckett and will take place over six shows.

The presenter has said that he’s only delighted to be involved with the programme.

“In my opinion, All Together Now is going to be the best thing to happen to Saturday night since they invented Sunday morning… and I could not be happier or more excited to be a part of it.”

rob beckett

Remarkable Television‘s James Fox has said that he doesn’t expect All Together Now to be about finding the next pop sensation.

“This isn’t the search for the next big pop act.

Instead we’re looking for performers from all kinds of musical backgrounds and with all levels of experience who think they can give that brilliant performance to get The 100 on their feet and singing along.”

Sounds class.