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28th Nov 2016

There is one major detail in the new Gilmore Girls revival that we all missed

Does Berta look familiar?? DOES SHE?

Okay so by now everyone should have watched all six hours of the Gilmore Girls revival.

If you haven’t, maybe don’t bother because it is awful but we’ll get to that later.

It was great to see all the old crew back together again and it’s commendable that the maker managed to get pretty much everyone squeezed into the revival.

There were many new faces, mostly in the form of Emily’s new maid Berta and her entire family.

The house keeper and her unidentifiable language was a source of humour throughout the new series and a welcome addition to the cast.

Except – she wasn’t actually a new addition to the cast. No folks, Berta is simply Gypsy in a wig.

Gypsy, a staple of Stars Hollow, is the local car mechanic who appears frequently thanks in large to Lorelai’s terrible car.

Lauren Graham who playes Lorelai confirmed that actress Rose Abdoo double up for the who roles.

Few fans spotted the fact.