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02nd Dec 2016

The theme for tonight’s Late Late Toy Show has been revealed

Sounds like a great show.
The toy Show

Get the popcorn ready and clear your schedule.

No matter how old you are it’s still okay to get excited about The Late Late Toy Show… that’s my excuse anyway.

Tonight’s show is definitely going to be a good one, judging by how much thought and preparation has gone into it. Between performers and toy demonstrators, more than 320 children from all over Ireland will participate in this year’s show.

They’re going for a jungle theme, taking inspiration from one of the most beloved Disney movies of all time – The Jungle Book. Ryan will be joined by 72 young performers for the opening number which is said to be the most creative one yet.

Speaking about the show Ryan said:

“I am tremendously excited that we are doing The Jungle Book this year. It’s a great classic, a real family favourite and something which I think everyone can enjoy whether they’re young or old, boy or girl.

I may not be the king of the singers but I hope that for a couple of hours tonight people will get a chance to settle down with the family and forget all about their worries and their strife”.

Head of RTÉ’s costume department Brigette Horan said:

“It has been a pleasure to work on this year’s Late Late Toy Show. The Jungle Book theme has really inspired us and led to some of our most creative costume designs ever. It has been really fun to work on, particularly Ryan’s costume, which is a sight to behold!”

We’re told we can expect a few surprises tonight and also that the show is so big it needs to go outside the studio to include other parts of the RTÉ campus.