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11th Nov 2016

The director of Stranger Things gave some clues about season 2

Who else is already excited?

Who else is already excited?

Stranger Things was by far the most talked about show this summer. It was launched on Netflix in July and had people hooked instantly.

If you haven’t seen it before then this will be a spoiler for you.

Throughout season one we became obsessed with finding out how Mike and the gang would get on in the search for their friend Will Byers.

As we know Will was trapped in the Upside Down but was luckily saved by his mum and Jim Hopper, the chief of Hawkins Police Department.

Filming for season two recently began and they haven’t given much away. Netflix did released a teaser trailer for the new series a while back but all it revealed were some titles of the episodes, including, “The Pumpkin Patch”, “The Palace”, “The Storm” and “The Boy Who Came Back To Life”.

Not much is know about the storyline but now the director Shawn Levy is after giving a clue away about what we can expect.

He recently spoke with Collider about the upcoming season and said the following:

“Will Byers was in that Upside Down for a while.

So Season 2 is about this determined desire to return to normalcy in Hawkins, in the Byers family, in that group of friends.

It’s the struggle to reclaim normalcy and maybe the impossibility of it.”

It’s still not too much to go with but still makes us very excited for what’s to come.

It’s due out some time in 2017.