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27th Aug 2023

The Crown’s producers promise they filmed Princess Diana’s death sensitively

Executive producers of The Crown filmed Princess Diana’s fatal car accident sensitively.

Andy Harries and Suzanne Mackie vowed to portray the tragedy in a respectful way, but viewers are still concerned about featuring the heartbreaking accident in the popular Netflix series.

The Princess of Wales tragically died in a car accident in Paris in 1997. She was only 36 years old.

The team behind the Netflix historical drama made sure to take ‘great care’ when filming the tragedy.

Speaking at the Edinburgh TV Festival, the executive producers had “careful and long conversations” about the emotional storyline.

“We’re thoughtful people and we’re sensitive people. There were very careful, long conversations about how we were going to do it.”

Elizabeth also stressed that Princess Diana’s death won’t be glamourised in the show.

“The show might be big and noisy, but we’re not,” they stressed.

Both Andy Harries and Suzanne Mackie agreed that Princess Diana’s death was handled “sensitively” in the show.

Suzanne agreed that viewers would be the ultimate judge, but she is confident they portrayed Diana’s death with great care and deep respect.

Elizabeth Debicki will play Princess Diana in the sixth season of the show.

The release date for season six of The Crown has not yet been released. However, reports claim it could be released in just a matter of weeks.