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24th Mar 2014

Thanks, But No Thanks! Tallafornia Star Receives Brutal Rejection From Galway Nightclub

Someone got burned!

We’ve gotten pretty used to seeing low-level celebrities showing up for appearances in Irish nightclubs but it seems that Galway nightclub Carbon is having none of it.

The Eglinton Street venue this week received a message from Phil Penny, who shot to fame (or notoriety) as one of the cast of TV3’s reality show Tallafornia. Amid rumours that the old line-up are to be replaced with some new faces if the show returns, the stars have been steadily crafting a career from nightclub appearances and our Phil, or Philly Tallafornia as he likes to be known, dropped a Facebook message to the Galway club to see if they would be interested in hiring the talents of he and co-star Cormac.

Here’s how it panned out…


We have only one word for that – ouch!