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30th Sep 2019

TG4’s award-winning Finné is BACK and the real-life stories are more shocking than ever

Louise Carroll

Brought to you by TG4

Some stories are heart-wrenching, others totally jaw-dropping.

The TG4 original production airs Wednesday, October 2, at 9.30pm — so record, set an alarm, do what you need to do — these harrowing stories are a must-watch.

The home-produced, Netflix-style docu-series filmed by Galway’s Tua Films depicts the traumas, the human frailties, but most importantly, the sheer resilience of human nature. We predict this journey inside of some of the darkest and most upsetting cases in Irish society will strike a nerve with many.

In the first episode of Finné‘s second series, Sophia Murphy shares her account of her father’s conviction after he sexually abused her and her sisters for years. Understanding how she was, in her own words, “an adult before [she] was even a child” is gut-wrenching, however, seeing how far she has come and where she is now would give any survivor of sexual abuse much-needed hope.

In episode two, former Post Office manager, Tony O’ Reilly, recounts when he stole nearly €2 million from An Post and gambled €10 million through a Paddy Power betting account before being jailed.

With six incredible episodes making up the second series of Finné, you’ll find yourself wide-eyed and totally bewildered by events that occurred right here at home. Some are distressing, others scandalous, but they’re all real and it’s important, maybe more than ever, that we hear them and learn from the past.

Other stories in series two include that of Amy Dunne who in 2007 faught within the Irish legal system to be allowed travel abroad for an abortion — a topic that’s pretty fresh in Irish minds after last year’s abortion referendum.

Another is Paddy Merrigan — a former racing jockey — who struggled with mental illness discusses how he faced his demons but managed to come out the other side stronger than ever.

There’s also former Garda Máirtín Mac Con Iomaire who recounts his investigation into the Father Greene sexual abuse scandal in Donegal — one of the most disturbing cases of sex abuse the state has ever seen — and Francie McGuigan and Liam Shannon, who tell their stories about being subjected to mental and physical mistreatment when confined as prisoners in Belfast during the 1970s.

Presented by RTÉ’s courts correspondent, Orla O’ Donnell, Finné is undoubtedly a rare and exhilarating series. For anyone to place themselves in front of a camera and share their stories — whether deeply saddening or shocking — it’s a credit to those who have taken part that they’re sharing with us what has been left unrevealed for so long.

Be sure to watch or catch up on the TG4 Player and you can also view from anywhere worldwide right here, so there’s no missing out. Wherever you are, pop on the kettle and see one of the most unique Irish documentaries ever made.

Brought to you by TG4. Watch Finné on Wednesday nights, 9.30pm on TG4.