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05th May 2015

Stop Everything: There Was A Proposal on the Jeremy Kyle Show Today

This just happened.

When you’re searching for a happy ending, The Jeremy Kyle Show is pretty much the last place you might expect to find it. 

On today’s show, however, there was a big YES – and not in response to a lie detector.

In scenes aired on Tuesday, Andy popped the question to his girlfriend Shannie.

The couple had appeared on the show previously, when Andy found out Shannie had been seeing Chris, Andy’s former best friend, behind his back. Since that episode aired, Shannie had dumped Chris and returned to Andy’s arms, (having cheated on Chris repeatedly with Andy).


Naturally, Andy’s trust was a little shaken, so he decided that another trip to JK was in order, lie detector and all.

Despite learning that Shannie had cheated yet again, Andy could see nothing in the way of true love. Following an upset Shannie off the stage, Andy produced flowers and asked his cheating love to be his bride.

The happy pair appeared back in front of the audience and when asked by an incredulous Kyle: “So you’re getting married are you?”, Shannie wasted no time shooting him down – saying: “What’s it got to do with you? You’re not invited.”

Sadly, it was not to be.