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06th Jun 2015

Spoiler Alert: A Cheating Scandal Has Disastrous Consequences On The Cobbles This Week

As always, this story contains spoilers!

Eileen Grimshaw and Michael Rodwell are set to seek comfort in each other’s arms this week, which will have disastrous consequences when Michael collapses during their brief encounter.

Following the shocking news that his son Gavin is really dead, Michael opens up to Eileen this week, taking comfort in her friendship.

Coronation Street: Michael and Eileen get passionate - watch the full scene

After a few drinks, and with Eileen battling her own broken heart following the breakdown of her relationship, the pair start bonding.

In a teaser clip from Digital Spy, the pair are seen chatting on the couch which soon leads to kissing…

The stress and upset of the situation soon takes its toll on Michael’s heart condition, with Gail’s husband collapsing in Eileen’s home.

Later at the hospital, Gail overhears Eileen telling doctors how she and Michael were getting intimate just before his collapse.

Michael Rodwell, Gail Rodwell and Eileen Grimshaw in Coronation Street

Viewers will have to wait to see how Gail will take the devastating blow.

Images via ITV