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31st Oct 2013

Sixteen Essential Halloween Films For Your Night In

Any of these should do the job!

Twas the day of Halloween, and all through house, people were panicking about what DVD to watch. Ok, well that didn’t exactly rhyme but you get where we are going with this. There is no need to panic, we have a list of films for your Halloween night in.

1. The Shining

You may have seen this before but there is no issue with re-watching Jack Nicholson going mental in a deserted hotel with just his family.

2. The Conjuring

A recent release but certainly a good one, The Conjuring tells the story of a family who are haunted by the ghost of a witch. And yes, this is pretty much one of the more scary films on the list.

3. The Omen

A couple whose child dies after childbirth are given a son by a local priest to bring up as their own, little do they realise he is the son of Satan.

4. Rosemary’s Baby

Again, woman gives birth to the child of Satan. Again, pretty frightening.

5. The Exorcist

Alright, so there seems to be a lot of Devil content here but this is arguably the best. A young girl is possessed by the Devil and it is up to two priests to perform a dangerous exorcism. Chilling.

6. The Ring

The first of the great adaptations from Japanese cinema, The Ring was absolutely petrifying and is still is. Basically if you don’t fancy not answering your phone for about a week and don’t really like people crawling out of your TV, stay clear.

7. Candyman

If you say Candyman five times into a mirror, an evil murderer appears behind you and kills you. Cue never looking in the mirror again.

8. Child’s Play

The soul of a serial killer gets stuck in a doll called Chucky who begins a new reign of terror. Fun for all the family.

9. Saw

Although many would consider this a thriller, Saw was essentially the film that kicked off the gore horror that suddenly became popular overnight. Essentially, Saw is a very clever, frightening and eerie thriller about two men who suddenly find themselves stranded in a room with nothing but each other.

10. Scream

Arguably one of the best slasher films, certainly the most clever, Scream does just enough to scare you while simultaneously mocking the genre it fits into. Genius script-writing and scares, Scream is still a favourite on most horror lists.

11. Dawn of the Dead

We had to include some sort of zombie film in this list and that, of course, is Dawn of the Dead. While you can certainly watch the original in all its glory, the remake is actually pretty good too. There is no such thing as fast zombies however.

12. Interview with the Vampire

Well, where would we be at Halloween without vampires? Although Interview isn’t really as scary as say, Twilight, we really love the atmosphere of this one. And who wouldn’t like that cast?

13. The Cabin in the Woods

When the rumours first started to circulate that Cabin in the Woods was a brilliant original take on horror, no one believed them. But it really is. If you are looking for a film this Halloween that’s a little more fun, this is the one.

14. Psycho

No one does suspense quite like Alfred Hitchcock, and no one does a horror scene in the shower quite like Janet Leigh.

15. Halloween

Ok, fine, it’s Halloween. Let’s watch Halloween! We didn’t want it to be the easy option.

16. The Thing

Ever worried about getting stuck in the middle of Antarctic with a creature that has just been dug up from the depths of the Earth? Yes, well then don’t watch the Thing. No, we lied. Watch The Thing. It’s amazing.