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19th May 2015

Simon Cowell to Change Judges’ Houses Format

It's one of the best parts of the show

We’ve heard plenty of rumours about the changes that Simon Cowell is planning to make to this year’s X Factor but this one definitely caught our attention.

That’s because it involves one of our favourite parts of the show: the judges’ houses stage (it’s the bit when they all fly off to exotic locations).

It seems Simon no longer wants them to be pre-recorded but is looking to broadcast them live from the four different (and still exotic) locations.

A source told The Mirror: “Cowell wants to increase the drama and tension of the moment contestants are told they’ve got through.

“Judges’ houses has always been one of the most talked about and watched parts of the series… It would be an exciting innovation and make for real event TV.”

The insider added: “There are lots of logistical and practical concerns to work through before we can go ahead, but Cowell thinks it will be worth it.”