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06th Jul 2017

Shock discovery spells trouble for Love Island’s Gabby and Marcel

Shock discovery spells trouble for Love Island's Gabby & Marcel

Trouble in paradise.

Love Island’s Gabby & Marcel, aka Garcel, are fast becoming everyone’s favourite couple and we actually can’t deal with anything going wrong with this adorable twosome.

However, a discovery of a photo where Marcel has his hand on another girl’s leg has upset Gabby considerably, causing her to break down in tears.

It all kicked off when she and Montana are looking through photos on Chris’ phone and found the aforementioned photo which was taken at Casa Amor when the boys were staying at that villa last week.

According to The Daily Mail, Gabby became upset when she discussed the photo when having a chat in the Beach Hut.

“I’m going crazy because I never met these girls, so obviously things run wild with you when you don’t know the real story”.

Love Island's Gabby & Marcel

The Liverpool native brought up the subject with Marcel who said it was just a picture and said asked if she was going to start “digging” things up on him.

Former Blazin’ Squad star Marcel also retired to the Beach Hut for some one on one conversation and said that the situation was a little frustrating.

“I’m slightly annoyed by this whole situation that is going on today.

“Gabs is lovely, she’s so cool but I don’t know why the last few days she’s been a bit different. She’s not been chilled and relaxed”.

Here’s hoping the pair can resolve their differences soon because Love Island just wouldn’t be the same without Garcel’s cuteness and to be honest, we think they might actually go the distance and even stay together when they return to ‘real life’.

These scenes will be shown on tonight’s ITV2 episode which basically means you’ll have to wait until tomorrow night if you’re watching on 3e. Hopefully, things will have returned to normal by then!

Main image via Twitter: Love Island