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27th Nov 2021

Shirley Ballas gives health update after scare spotted by fans

Ellen Fitzpatrick

She’s gotten lucky.

Shirley Ballas has had a weight lifted off her shoulders after weeks of stress and anxiety as she awaited tests results for her health scare.

The Strictly Come Dancing head judge has spent the last few weeks having tests done after fans of the show spotted a lump under her arm.

Taking to Instagram to keep fans posted, the dancer said: “I got two sets of results back today and the shadow on my kidney seems absolutely fine, they’re not worried about it.

“Some other, I’m going to say polyps, there was the fancy name for them, are just absolutely fine so there was no cancer there, so that was good.


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“Now I need to have my boobies checked one more time when I have a minute.

“My hormones are still all over the place, so started today with some oestrogen to see if we can balance the body better, and she does recommend that maybe I take a little time for myself, which I’ll try to do.

“Thank you for all of you who spotted it, who made me go and get my MOT of myself, I really appreciate it.”

Shirley has been keeping fans updated on her health after some had spotted a lump under her arm on Strictly and thank viewers for spotting her symptoms.

Speaking about the ordeal, Shirley said on her Instagram that doctors had gotten back some “concerning” results after she originally went for blood tests.

Shirley said tests had shown her testosterone levels to be “ultra-high”, as well as her oestrogen levels “extremely low”, meaning that she needed to have scans done on her adrenal glands and ovaries.