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25th Jun 2013

Seven Things Liam Neeson Could Possibly Have Taken From Him In Taken 3

Is there anything else to take?

Rumour has it that Liam Neeson is signing on for a third instalment of the extremely popular franchise that is Taken, but this got us thinking. They have already taken his daughter, and in the second film, his wife, is there anything else that they can take? Here are seven possibilities.

1. His Estranged Son

You thought he just had a wife and daughter, but not with that spying career. No, Neeson’s Bryan Mills was such a good spy that he went undercover for two years and had a child with another woman. And now, he has been taken…

2. His phone

Sure how is he going to do the speech without his phone? This is a disaster.

3. His leather jacket

The leather jacket is all part of his character development, this is nearly worse than when they stole his daughter. And we all know how angry he was about that…

4. His gun

Sure, he can steal another one, but this particular gun can shoot at a fair distance and miraculously divert bullets away from his leather jacket.

5. His Wolf

You may have thought The Grey was another film, but it wasn’t. That was Bryan undercover on a training mission and if he got through it, he was allowed to bring a wolf home. Now, that wolf has been taken.

6. His Voice

After he managed to kill nearly everyone in the entire world in the first film, that phone call became so famous in the underworld that Bryan’s voice was revered for instilling complete fear in the heart of the enemy. So now the terrorists are back, and they have taken his voice.

7. His abilities and knowledge

Like the plot from a really bad superhero film, Bryan has been taken by the evil super villians in order that they will discover how he manages to fend off just about everyone and find his way out of situations like some sort of MacGyver type character. Now, Bryan has lost his memory and his ability to kick everyone’s ass, he must discover who he is and take back what has been robbed from him.