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21st Apr 2013

Seven Of The Best School Movies

To mark Kindergarten Day, we've gathered our favourite school and college films...

Today is known in some parts of the world as Kindergarten Day. It is a celebration of Friedrich Froebe who started the first kindergarten.

But seeing as we don’t have it here, we’ve decided to celebrate something different: the best school and college movies.

Kindergarten Cop

We just had to include it. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a city cop who has to go undercover in a school to track down a drug dealer.



It’s the ultimate tale of the children getting their own back on the mean old principal. Also, the chocolate cake in it is immense!


Old School

In this comedy Will Ferrell and co try to recapture the glory days of their youth with hilarious consequences. Luke Wilson and Vince Vaughan also star.



Alicia Silverstone leads the pack in this teen hit about how the popular girl discovers there’s more to life than fashion. Like, it’s totally awesome.

Mean Girls

It’s the classic tale of the new girl who ends up losing track of her real friends and who she is. It also contains some of the best quotes ever.


The Breakfast Club

Five students find out they have lots in common during a detention session in this 80s flick. Emilio Estevez is among the cast.



Rydell High is one of the most famous schools in film history. Also, who didn’t want their classmates to burst into song every day?