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23rd May 2014

Seven Of The Best Onscreen Fathers

From the lovely George Banks to the vengeful Bryan Mills, we reckon this is a fine group of fathers and we hope you agree...


To mark Father’s Day which isn’t too far away (we hope you’ve at least started to think about what you’re going to get him), we’ve picked out seven of the most iconic onscreen dads.

From the lovely George Banks to the vengeful Bryan Mills, we reckon this is a fine group of fathers and we hope you agree…

Homer Simpson (The Simpsons)

Sure he’s an example of what NOT to do when it comes to being a dad but Homer Simpson, voiced by Dan Castellenata, is the ultimate onscreen dad. Testament to his parenting skills are the fact that Bart, Lisa and Maggie (for the most part) turned out alright despite his laziness and incompetence.

We love him like he loves Duff beer.

George Banks (Father of the Bride)

As daughters, we couldn’t help but feel for George Banks when he found out that his little girl was headed down the aisle and into the arms of another man. Still, we have to say that he handles it with as much grace as can be expected from someone who is being chased around by a wedding planner called Franck.

That look is priceless!

Phil Dunphy (Modern Family)

He might be the most recent onscreen dad on our list but Phil Dunphy is undoubtedly one of the best and certainly the funniest. Whether his kids are in need of a laugh after a long day or a helping hand with the boiler, he prides himself on always being there.

Talk about daddy cool…

Marlon (Finding Nemo)

This father swam across the ocean, encountered sharks and befriended turtles (as well as a very forgetful fish) to find his son Nemo. If he’s not worthy of a plaice (see what we did there) on a list of the best onscreen dads, we don’t know what is.

He’s more of a hero than a clown(fish).

Jack Geller (Friends)

Sure he used his daughter’s wedding fund to create a gym in his house but Jack Geller was a good dad who loved his children (maybe Ross a little more) and was willing to make up for his mistakes. A Porsche to say sorry for the wedding fund – that’s what we call good parenting.

Like Phoebe, we have a soft spot for Jack…

Jim’s Dad (American Pie)

Jim’s dad is one of those fathers that will go down in film history not least because of his willingness to talk about things that children should never talk about with either of their parents and his killer dance moves (the term “dad dancing” doesn’t apply to this man).

Legend doesn’t even cover it!

Bryan Mills (Taken)

Played by one of our favourite people on the planet (Liam Neeson), Bryan Mills is a dad that gets things done. And yes, such things include flying to Europe, finding his daughter and teaching those who took her a lesson they’ll never forget.

We will find him and we will hug him.