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14th Apr 2021

Selling Sunset’s Mary Fitzgerald gives us the latest on season 4 and opens up about her fertility treatment

“There are certain things they have to push me to share…”

Selling Sunset is coming back this year with more glam, more drama and more stunning houses for sale in sunny California.

This show was an instant hit over the last few years, with many people tuning in to watch the Oppenheim Group team live their stunning lives while selling some of the most exclusive properties in LA.


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We recently sat down with one of the show’s stars, and our favourites, Mary Fitzgerald, who told us about what they have lined up for season s4 and 5. She also opened up about her fertility journey and her plans for buying new property with her husband Romain.

“We’re all super excited, there’s so much going on in our lives,” she said of the new seasons, announced by Netflix earlier this year.

“I think it’s going to be interesting because some of us haven’t seen each other since the last day of filming.

“I’ll have a lot of great real estate and great clients and celebrity clients too. Romain and I have to freeze our embryos, we’re looking for investment properties. Heather is getting married, Christine’s having a baby.”


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Mary says she doesn’t have any issues with being open about her private life on the show. In fact, when it comes to fertility, she’s more than willing to share. “If anything it’s what a lot of people go through, so I think it’s good to have it out in the open,” she says.

“It’s not this shameful thing. You’re doing what needs to be done and it’s just part of life.”

There are, however, certain aspects of her life that Mary isn’t too willing to share to millions of viewers.

“There are certain things they have to push me to share, like if Romain and I get in an argument and it’s very very private,” she says. “They just try to show the true story about what’s going on in our lives, sometimes it’s fine and sometimes it sucks.”

You can check out our full interview with Mary over on Her’s IGTV: