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04th Jan 2018

Roy Cropper’s stunt double was caught on Corrie and it was gas

Ah, Roy.
roy cropper

Let’s be honest, it’s probably not every day that Coronation Street actors need stunt doubles.

The show can be dramatic at times, but usually it’s just people sitting round the Rovers Return, throwing shade in the streets, or running Underworld into the ground.

Every now and then though, something intense and violent happens.

And, understandably, nobody wants untrained actors to get injured so the usual point-of-call here is to get a few stunt doubles in, get them to do the dirty work, and then send them off home leaving audiences none the wiser.

However, during last night’s episode of the ITV soap, viewers were very much aware that stunt doubles were about due to the fact that Roy Cropper’s one was pretty much just chilling on screen for a bit.

… And it was gas.

There he is there now.

Being Roy Cropper… Kind of.

The scene in question occurred when some racists showed up to attack the garage and unfortunately for poor old Roy, he was caught up in the middle of it all.

Or rather, this random lad pretending to be him looking shook on the street was.

What an icon.

Once all of the excitement about not-Roy died down though, there was still the stunning stunt roll for us all to enjoy.

And oh, if it wasn’t absolutely BAFTA worthy.

Once again, with feeling.

Just beautiful.