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02nd Dec 2016

Ronan Keating has made an appearance in a very entertaining Christmas ad

Or should we say, ‘Roman’ Keating?

Boyzone might not have been universally loved in Ireland, but nobody can deny the extent of their success and the success of Ronan Keating in the years that followed.

Having seemingly shed his habit of slipping a ‘h’ into every word beginning with ‘s’ to make a ‘shh’ sound, Keating is a well-known performer throughout the globe, including in New Zealand, where he has performed a star turn in a Christmas advert for Air New Zealand.

The airline have regularly come up with viral advert campaigns over the years and they’ve hit the spot again this festive season, teaming Keating with Julian Dennison, the star of Empire’s best movie of 2016 (and a personal favourite of ours), Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

In the ad, Keating and Dennison attempt to record a version of the classic Christmas hit ‘Winter Wonderland’ before realising that it’s not exactly apt for New Zealand considering Christmas time falls in summer there.

To be fair, it’s pretty good.