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04th Aug 2017

Robert Pattinson was asked to do a disgusting thing to a dog for a film

He refused, thankfully.
Robert Pattinson

The poor dog…

Actor Robert Pattinson has told US talk show host Jimmy Kimmel of how he was asked to perform a sex act on a dog for a scene in his new film, Good Time.

According to Pattinson, his character, Corey, thinks he has control over animals.

During the scene in question, Corey is sleeping in the same bed as a dog when a drug dealer crashes into the room. He was, in Pattinson’s own words, “basically giving the dog a hand job.”

Pattinson told Kimmel that he was asked to perform the act for real, with the film’s director saying: “just do it for real man, don’t be a pussy.”

The dog’s trainer also gave the actor some advice, saying that he should massage the dog’s thighs.

Pattinson, thankfully, refused to carry out the act and a fake dog penis was used instead.

The scene in question did not make it to the final cut of the film.

Good Time is directed by Ben and John Safdie and will be released in the US this month.

The film recently premiered at Cannes film festival and received a six minute standing ovation.