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28th Sep 2016

Remember Martin Platt from Coronation Street? He’s got a VERY different career now

We did NOT expect this!

Laura Holland

We did NOT expect this.

Remember Martin Platt from Coronation Street? He was married to Gail Platt and the father of David Platt. Martin was played by actor Sean Wilson and he left the show in 2005 after over 20 years on the soap.

Towards the end of his time on the show he had a controversial storyline where he fell in love with his friend’s daughter, Katy Harris, who was twenty years younger than him.

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He appeared in 355 episodes in total on Coronation Street and ended up leaving the show to concentrate on different TV projects. He went on to have smaller roles on different shows but only ever for one episode per series, never really got a leading role.

But then he turned his attention to a new field and has since excelled. He is now a cheesemonger and chef, and not just any old cheesemonger, an award winning one.


He owns a cheese company called Saddleworth Cheese Company and has won gold and silver rosettes in the International Cheese Awards.

He tours around different markets with his artisan Lancashire cheese.