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13th Dec 2020

QUIZ: How well do you remember the first episode of Pretty Little Liars?

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars turned 10 years old last Monday and we can’t quite believe it.

It’s been ten years since Pretty Little Liars first appeared on our screens and almost three years since it came to an end. And we miss it, we really do.

There was a final A unmasking, punches thrown, lives saved, a wedding, one last twisted reveal and a tear-filled group hug – and then it was all over for Pretty Little Liars fans.

And now that a few years have passed, and to celebrate it turn a decade old (a decade! We actually can’t), we figured there was no better time to head back to Rosewood and put your Pretty Little Liars knowledge to the test.

How well do you remember the very, very first episode of Pretty Little Liars? 13 questions, 13 chances to prove you are the ultimate PLL fan.

Good luck.