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27th Nov 2017

This popular character is set to make a surprise exit from Summer Bay

Summer Bay

The Bay won’t be the same.

VJ Patterson, son of Leah, has been a part of Home and Away for quite some time but that’s all about to change.

The teenager, who’s barely left school, will leave his home with baby Luc after her biological father, Mick, tried to get custody.

If you’ve been following the storyline, you’ll know that Mick, son of Irene Roberts, raped Billie Ashford, sister of Martin Ashford, and Billie later gave birth to a baby girl, Luc.

Before you read any further, be warned that there are some major spoilers involved here.

To stop Mick from having contact with the little girl, (he previously tried to kidnap her), Ash (Martin’s nickname, as H&A fans will know, things get very complicated in Summer Bay) decided to leave with his niece in tow.

However, MAJOR SPOILER ALERT, Ash then found out that his ex-girlfriend Kat is expecting his baby and changed his mind about leaving.

When Billie passed away from terminal cancer, only weeks after giving birth to her daughter, she asked VJ to take care of her little girl.

This led to VJ deciding to leave Summer Bay (in a helicopter no less) with these scenes set to air later this over the coming weeks…we can only imagine how upset Leah will be.

Matt Little, pictured above, joined the show in 2014 and took up the role of VJ but VJ first appeared on the soap in 2007, played by Felix Dean.