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12th Jun 2019

From ‘pool pooping’ to Longford ladies – five Love Island facts you need to know

Give me all the tea.

Denise Curtin

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Week two in the villa.

Sherif has left, Maura has arrived, Curtis and Amy are official… kinda and Molly-Mae and Tommy have decided to start having “serious chats”. Interesting.

If we weren’t glued to our screens before, we are now and we’re totally invested.

Since the past two days have been nothing but straight tea, here are some facts to keep you updated.

1. Sherif is heading back to the UK

This is a fact. The 20-year-old was kicked out of the villa for “breaking” a villa rule. Although unclear, the rumours are floating around like a poop in a pool and they don’t seem to be dwindling anytime soon. We need some answers.

2. Maura is entering Love Island and not the Rose of Tralee

Despite rumours that Maura will walk into the villa escorted by Daithí, this is untrue. However, will she sing Caledonia and Irish dance? It’s very possible.

love island

3. Half-girlfriends are a real thing

We didn’t know this was a thing but, Curtis Pritchard has put half-girlfriends on the map and we stan him and Amy. We truly stan.

4. Chive and bev are too phrases that have died like Anton’s persistence to pursue another woman

Thankfully, chive and bev have NOT become a thing. We’re not here for forced phrases. Thank u, next.

lucie donlan

5. Amber and Michael finally scored

FINALLLLLLLLLY. Amber is starting to let her guard down and now, she said her Love Island experience is just beginning. We’re excited to watch this unfold.

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