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25th Nov 2016

People were fuming with something Martin did on I’m A Celeb last night

He crossed a line.

He crossed a line.

Martin Roberts annoyed a lot of I’m A Celeb viewers last night during one of the trials where he was made drink a gross drink made up of blended bugs.

Taking it on the chin he tried to down it in one. Just when he was nearing the end, Ant tried to give him some last minute advice by saying that it gets thicker down the bottom.

Metro have pointed out that in response, Martin reached up his hand and stuck two fingers up at Ant.


People have sworn before during trials and complained a lot while in the jungle but this is probably the first time that anyone has made an inappropriate hand gesture to the hosts.

Nobody has ever been so rude to Ant and Dec – why would you they’re so nice.

To be fair to Martin, it wasn’t the most encouraging of things to say when he was so close to the end, but still.

As you can imagine, people were quick to complain about Martin’s actions.