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27th Sep 2017

People think Jamie Redknapp’s profile photo proves they’re over

it's pretty pointed alright.
louise Redknapp

It’s pretty pointed alright.

Jamie Redknapp might just have given the biggest hint that his marriage to Louise is well and truly over.

We’ve known for months that their marriage was going through a rough patch, with suggestions that Louise was living in her mother’s house and keeping to herself.

The exact reason for the split hasn’t been established but it’s been put down to Louise’s time on Strictly Come Dancing.

She was hit by the curse, but not in the traditional way. Instead of being swept off her feet by one of the dancers, it was the newfound limelight that made her distant from her husband.

Meanwhile, it’s been reported that Jamie has wanted to try and make things work between them.

But, people have noticed something on his Instagram account which could mean he’s also thrown in the towel. His profile photo is a picture of him and their two sons. Which seems normal enough, right?

However, that photo is actually of the four of them and Jamie has cut Louise out. She uploaded that exact photo to her Instagram in 2015.

It could just be a coincidence but Jamie knows full well that people would notice that so it’s a bit too close to the bone to have no meaning behind it.