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09th Nov 2016

People are totally p*ssed off that Katie Hopkins is going to be on the Late Late this week

What do you think?

We actually despise giving this woman any space but if it helps a decent cause we will park my personal opinions.

Katie Hopkins is set to appear on this weeks Late Late show.

The woman is despised for being controversially outspoken, intolerant of minorities, pro-Brexit, pro-Trump and pro-Ched Evans.

In her regular column for The Daily Mail, Hopkins spews hatred, and pens generalised opinions about children with disabilities, her views of marriage, obesity and class. In summary, she’s a self-entitled attention seeker who fails repeatedly to represent the views of women. She’s ignorance personified and her tiresome, offensive and dangerous opinions add hate to an already concerning discourse.

So anyway, RTÉ have decided to invite her on to The Late Late this week.

Hopkins has confirmed that she will appear on this Friday’s Late Late Show. She made the announcement on Twitter saying:

“Good news team. I have booked my flight. ……to the @RTELateLateShow on Friday.

Look forward to seeing you there.”

Instead of a welcomed response, people are absolutely fuming with some saying it’s worse than Trump getting elected and others suggesting it’s time for us to build a wall.