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25th Jul 2016

People are freaking out about this picture of the kids from ‘Outnumbered’

The young stars of the BBC comedy are all grown up


This is guaranteed to make you feel ancient of a Monday morning.

If you were a fan of the BBC comedy series Outnumbered, then you’ll recall the three scene-stealing child stars who played the precocious Brockman kids who continually ran rings around their harried parents Pete (Hugh Dennis) and Sue (Claire Skinner).


Via BBC/Facebook.

The three children, Jake, Ben, and Karen, were played by Tyger-Drew Honey, Daniel Roche, and Ramona Marquez . They were aged 11, 8, and 6 respectively when the show started airing in 2007.

Children grow up, of course, and their growth spurts and entry into the difficult teenage years were written into the semi-improvised show during its seven-year run. In the later series, we saw the kids grow noticeably older, perhaps the most dramatic transformation being curly-haired Ben (young actor Roche had a massive growth spurt and bulked out considerably due to playing rugby at school).


Via BBC/Facebook

But even taking that into account, nothing could prepare us for this picture of the three young actors that emerged over the weekend.


You’re not alone in having a strong reaction to seeing the kids all grown up.

Of course, the Twitter smart alecs (God bless them) also had their own take on it:

So what are the trio up to these days? Tyger Drew Honey, now aged 20, has kept up some acting, appearing in the BBC’s Cuckoo, and also been working as a TV presenter, fronting documentaries for BBC3 on porn, sexuality and body image.

Daniel Roche, now aged 16, was a hugely successful child star, winning a children’s Bafta for Just William in 2010 and getting a nomination for a British Comedy Award for his work on Outnumbered.  Today, he’s in secondary school in University College School.

Finally, Ramona Marquez, 15, was the first child to win the British Comedy Award for Best Female Comedy Newcomer when she was just 8 years old. She’s still in school, and once told the Radio Times that she’d like to keep performing, though perhaps as a musician or dancer, and that she’d also like to be a writer.

Cover imageVia BBC/Facebook

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