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22nd Nov 2016

One of Eastenders’ bad boys is set to return for revenge at Christmas

Plenty of ladies will be chuffed with this...

Oh Eastenders, how we love thee.

Any soap lover will know that once you get hooked on a storyline, you almost think it’s real, even with the most ridiculous ones, it’s easy to get wrapped up in them.

The most explosive storylines are guaranteed to happen at Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and given Eastenders’ track record, it looks like 2016 is not going to end without a bang.

According to METROserial love cheat and overall badass Max Branning is set to return to the town of Walford.

max branning

Eastenders bosses confirmed the news today with a series of Christmas spoilers, which includes Phil Mitchell choosing to die, a reported affair between Honey and Max’s brother Jack Branning and plenty more drama for Whitney and Lee.

Let’s just remember the last time Max Branning was involved with a Christmas storyline… Iconic.