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01st Jul 2020

“One and done” Bonnie Ryan on finding the perfect wedding dress during lockdown

How accurate is that perfect ‘dress feeling’ you see on TV.

We’re catching up with Bonnie Ryan on this week’s episode of Girls With Goals . We discuss finding the perfect wedding dress during lockdown, how her business has been affected over the last few months and training for the mini-marathon.

Listen in at 33.14 below for the full interview or keep reading for more:

The make-up artist and Instagram star got engaged last year and although she admits it’s been strange times planning for a wedding during lockdown, she explained how lucky she feels in comparison to what others are going through:

“I’m so lucky that it wasn’t this year and my heart was actually broken for anybody who had to postpone or cancel because I’m in the middle of planning and I know how much hard work goes into it and how excited you are in that lead up so, I can only imagine how disappointing it would be.”


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Obviously when discussing weddings we couldn’t NOT talk about the dress. So, is it like what we see on TV? Does time stand still? Does the ‘feeling’ exist or is that simply a Reality TV myth?

“I’ve always wondered if it’s really that magical when it happens. I had a feeling that I’d go in and try on loads of dresses and just be like, ‘yeah, it’s really nice but what If I find nicer?’ And I went in last Saturday, I went with my Mom and my sister,  I put on my very first wedding dress and I was like…this is it!”

We also talk about the VHI Women’s Mini-Marathon which is taking place in October and although things will be different it’s still going to be a terrific event as Bonnie explained:

“Obviously it’s different this year because it’s going to be virtual but I think it’s still so amazing because it’s going to give people that motivation to get out and run and move and do it for a charity that you love and also you don’t have to do 10k in ten days, it’s over the course of ten days so whatever suits you and whatever you’re capable and comfortable doing! I’m just so pleased that they were able to bring in back in some shape or form”

You can find out more information on the VHI Women’s mini-marathon and how you can get involved here.

Also on this week’s episode of Girls With Goals our Deputy Editor Jade Hayden joins us to talk about Phase Three, the (shocking) regrowth charges that are knocking about in salons and we pose the question… why do Irish people love to queue?

You can also listen to the full episode and catch up on all previous episodes on Spotify.