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07th Jun 2022

One boy will be left single as Davide makes his decision on tonight’s Love Island

Sarah McKenna Barry

It’s heating up already.

Last night saw Love Island return to our screens, and in a new twist, the public decided who got to couple up with who.

The current pairings are: Dami and Amber, Liam and Gemma, Ikenna and Indiyah, Andrew and Tasha, and Luca and Paige. However, at the end of last night’s episode, new arrival Davide put a spanner into the works.

On tonight’s episode, Davide will select a girl to couple up with, which will leave one boy single and vulnerable. The Italian hunk will summon the contestants around the fire where he will announce his choice.

He says: “Naturally, it’s not been easy to choose because it’s only been 24 hours. It’s difficult to try and know everyone and try to make the right decision.”

Also on tonight’s episode, we’ll see Tasha get closer to Andrew, while also exploring her feelings for Luca.

In the beach hut, she says: “Andrew is giving me good vibes and good energy. But Luca seems very sweet.”

The dancer’s feelings for Luca appear to be reciprocated, as he confesses: “I got a really good vibe off her. I think there could be something there.”

However, Tasha also gushes about sharing the bed with Andrew. She reveals: “I woke up and he was awake as well. He had a little smile and then he put his arm around me and we started cuddling. It felt so nice. I was like a Cheshire cat, I needed to stop grinning!”

Later, Luca chats to Tasha once more, and assures her that he’s not jealous of Andrew.

Also on tonight’s episode, Indiyah tells Tasha that while she’s coupled up with Ikenna, her head could be turned by Dami. She says: “I feel like it’s such early days. I spoke to Dami yesterday but I’m coupled up with Ikenna. Dami is good-looking and he is a nice guy.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player.