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01st May 2017

The brand-new House Of Cards trailer suggests series 5 will be unmissable

“The American people don’t know what’s best for them… I do.”

If we’ve learned anything about Frank Underwood in the four seasons of House of Cards to date (and we’ve learned a hell of a lot), it’s that there are no lengths to which he won’t go to crush whomever or whatever gets in his way.

In Season 5, it looks like confident young go-getter Governor Will Conway could be the one to feel Frank’s wrath as yet another election looms, or at least that’s the impression one gets from a brand new, power-packed and incredibly tense trailer for the latest season in the brilliant Netflix series.

It’s hard to determine exactly what’s going to happen from around 90 seconds’ worth of new footage, but what we do know is that Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese are the showrunners for season five and that Irish actress Dominique McElligott will return in her role as Hannah Conway, wife of Governor Will Conway.

Season 5 of House of Cards is available on Netflix from May 30.

We can’t wait.