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12th Jan 2015

New Irish Reality Show Branded “A Raunchy Tallafornia”

The show was released online.

Remember the days of Tallafornia?

Well, things are about to get a whole lot worse (or better, whatever way you look at it) as the latest Irish reality TV show was launched over the weekend.

Infectious, which was turned down by a number of TV stations, has been released in full online and has been branded by many as a “raunchy spin off to Tallafornia.”

Oh. Dear. Lord.

The show sees Nikkita, Phil and Marc of Tallafornia fame make a return to the small screen, with nudity and bitching the central theme of the day.

The first 30-minute episode was posted online over the weekend with a post reminding users, “Don’t forget guys the pilot is uncut! All the nudity and extreme bitching not suitable for Irish TV.”

Here’s a trailer for episode one…

Video via YouTube/AlonzeProductions