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17th Nov 2016

Netflix’s latest teaser for Gilmore Girls has us giddy with excitement

It’s the comeback TV event that Stars Hollow obsessives have been waiting for all year.

When Netflix announced last winter that it was commissioning four new movie-length instalments of Gilmore Girls – with the original creator-writer and almost the entire cast – fans went absolutely baloobas with excitement.

In dribs and drabs we have been getting snippets of information, including the life changing news that the new episodes will be released on November 25th.

It felt like it would never come but ladies and gents that day is a mere week away and to push us over the edge Netflix have gone and released a new teaser that has us giddy.

The teaser doesn’t feature Lorelai or Rory but instead reminds us of why we feel such a connection to the duo in the first place.