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18th Feb 2021

Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes starring Eve Hewson is your next binge watch

This looks amazing!

If you’ve already binge watched The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel and need another fix then Netflix’s latest show might be just what you’re looking for.

Behind Her Eyes is a tense thriller in which a single mother (played by Simona Brown) enters a world of twisted mind games.


Louise finds herself entangled in a complicated web when she begins an affair with her psychiatrist boss (Tome Bateman) while secretly befriending his mysterious wife (Eve Hewson) at the same time.

What starts as an unconventional love triangle soon becomes a dark, psychological tale of suspense and twisted revelations, as Louise finds herself caught in a dangerous web of secrets where nothing and no-one is what they seem.

The six-part drama is based on the best-selling novel by Sarah Pinborough and is produced by the same makers of The Crown.

I haven’t watched it yet so don’t worry no spoilers but be careful if you do want to keep the ending a surprise as I’ve seen those who’ve read the book post about some of the twists in the plot.

If you want a little taster of what you can expect from the series though the trailer gives small hints and glimpses into the story without telling too much.

It’s definitely got me intrigued and you can check it out for yourself below.

Reviewers, critics and thriller fans are already calling Behind Her Eyes a must watch since it landed on Netflix yesterday and personally I can’t wait to stick it on later.