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17th Mar 2020

‘Netflix Party’ lets you watch shows with your friends while social distancing

Jade Hayden

Alright, class.

Social distancing and self isolating can be lonely at the best of times.

We may only be a solid five days (!) into staying home as much as possible, and already for a lot of people, the cabin fever is starting to kick in.

After all, there are only so many Netflix shows that one person can binge alone, right?

If you’ve already hit your quota of solo viewing (and your housemates’ interests are a tad too far removed from your own for your liking), never fear because Netflix Party is here to save the day.

Or the next few months, even. Give or take.

The Google Chrome extension will allow you and your mates to watch Netflix shows and movies at the same time – all from the comfort of your individual homes.

Netflix Party will sync each person who is viewing the show or movie so that everybody is watching together in entirely different locations.

It’ll even open up a chat box so everyone can discuss that sweet, sweet content.

It’s just like hanging out in real life! But not.

To avail of Netflix Party, you need to search for the extension in the Google Chrome store, add it to your browser, open up Netflix and click the little Netflix Party icon in the top right corner of your screen.

You’ll then be served a link that you can share with all of your mates to have your own private viewing party – with chat window and everything.

The only catch is that to indulge in a Netflix Party, you’ll need to be watching on your laptop – but sure look, we’ve all got to make sacrifices during these uncertain times.

You can download the Netflix Party extension here.