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17th Sep 2019

Netflix have added an excellent documentary about puppies that train to become guide dogs

Paul Moore

If you love dogs, you need to see this.

Who doesn’t love a good dogumentary?

A few months ago, Netflix struck gold when they released their new series Dogs and with Season 2 on the way, it’s very likely that we’re going to be seeing a lot more features about our four-legged friends.

However, if you can’t wait until the second season of Dogs, you’ll be pleased to know that the online streaming giant have added an incredibly heartwarming and uplifting tale about a litter of puppies that train to become guide dogs for the blind.

In terms of its synopsis, Pick of the Litter “follows a litter of puppies from the moment they’re born and begin their quest to become guide dogs for the blind. Cameras follow these pups through an intense two-year odyssey as they train to become dogs whose ultimate responsibility is to protect their blind partners from harm.

“Along the way, these remarkable animals rely on a community of dedicated individuals who train them to do amazing, life-changing things in the service of their human. The stakes are high and not every dog can make the cut. Only the best of the best. The pick of the litter.”

We’re fairly certain that viewers are going to fall in love with Patriot, Potomac, Primrose, Poppet, and Phil.

Dana Nachman and Don Hardy’s documentary has already won a few awards on the festival circuit and it has absolutely charmed the critics that have seen it.

The LA Times said the documentary “shows us the best in humanity, as well as the best in dogs” while The Times said “it’s mostly irresistible.”

The San Diego Reader called Pick of the Litter “by far the most joyous time you’ll have at the movies all year” and The Hollywood Reporter echoed these sentiments when they said that it’s a “relatable documentary that combines emotive storytelling with concisely focused filmmaking that’s sure to charm viewers well beyond a sizeable audience of dog lovers.”

Take a look at what’s in store.

Pick of the Litter is now available to watch on Netflix.

Clip via IFC Films