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11th Oct 2017

Miley Cyrus’s Carpool Karaoke is here and it’s wonderful

How can you not like her?

We’ve yet to see a Carpool Karaoke that we don’t like. Long may it continue.

Every time James has a different singer in his car he changes it up to suit them. With Harry Styles, he explored his unique style of clothing. He tried on a heap of god-awful outfits and still managed to somehow pull them off.

Then with Selena Gomez, they changed things up a bit. They had the usual singsong in James’ car but they also chose to relocate to a more challenging surrounding for part of it. They continued on a rollercoaster and it was gas.

Now, with Miley Cyrus on board, James had his usual fun but also took the piss out of her for always sticking out her tongue. He produced a bunch of letters and asked if Miley would help to stick the stamps on, using her tongue. HOW does he even think of these things?

Carpook Karaoke

He also got her to play a game where she confessed whether or not she was high when she did various performances, and surprisingly enough, it’s much tamer than you would think.

And, of course, Miley gave the usual Carpool Karaoke performance, belting out her hits from Party in the USA to Wrecking Ball and her latest hit Malibu.

Watch it here: