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05th Sep 2016

Michael Jackson fans are convinced he’s still alive after spotting him in daughter’s selfie

Man in the (rear view) mirror

Nooruddean Choudry

Michael Jackson obsessives are a unique bunch, aren’t they…

We mean, in one sense, the majority of the world’s population could probably be classed as fans of Jackson’s music. From his early days with the Jackson 5, through such seminal works as Off The Wall, Thriller and Bad, to the posthumous release of the critically-acclaimed Xscape, there is a reason why he is still referred to as the Kind of Pop.

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But there’s quite another level of adulation, and a more disturbing side to his overly-fervent fan base. We’re referring to those who treat Jacko as more of a deity than musical act, and live their lives consumed with his style, affectations, myth and ‘teachings’. You often wonder when obsession morphs into damaging delusion.

It is this section of Michael Jackson’s ‘following’ that have collectively lost their shit over a selfie shared by the late performer’s 18-year-old daughter, Paris-Michael K. Jackson. They have pounced on an image she posted on Instagram a whole SIX MONTHS ago, and are convinced that it’s picture-proof that the King is in fact not dead.

Can you see what it is yet? Apparently what looks to us very much like a messy pile of clothes in the backseat of Paris’ car is actually the living, breathing figure of 58-year-old Michael Joseph Jackson. If you’re sat there squinting with a baffled look on your face, congratulations – you’re fucking normal.

Here’s a video supposedly clarifying the batshit theory. Notice how it goes from zooming into a dark, indistinguishable shadow, to suddenly superimposing how Jackson’s face would fit into the meaningless silhouette. Absolutely pathetic. It’s not like he’s Elvis Presley – who of course we all know is definitely still alive and well and living in Darlington…