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04th Jul 2023

Love Island’s Medhi reveals he needed medical attention in unaired scene

Not the reason we expected…

Dumped Love Island star Mehdi Edno has revealed that he required medical attention in an unaired scene from the show.

Last week the public were asked to vote for their least favourite islanders and as the results were revealed, Medhi was voted off the show alongside his co-star Mal Nichol.

Following his axing from the ITV2 dating show, Medhi appeared on the Morning After podcast to speak about his time on the show.

Chatting about why he didn’t rush to kiss Whitney, the French native said: “The first reason is, I have never watched the show so I don’t know what pace you have to go.

“Being older I was like I don’t have feelings in two days, I need to wait for the perfect moment.

“And then the other reason is my lips got burnt so I couldn’t, I wasn’t allowed to kiss. I got sunburn on my lips. I saw the medic and she was like now you are ready.”

While it might not have been the reason we would have expected him to take a trip to the medic, his romance with Whitney was short-lived.

Speaking about his relationship with Whitney, he said: “I’d say it was great. We had ups and downs but if we focus on the ups they were so good.

“Obviously it’s hard for me to leave now as we had something good going on but I’m hopeful we can make things work, for now she needs to live her experience to the fullest.

“I did want to explore a connection with Leah [Taylor], but I was always drawn back to Whitney.”