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17th Mar 2014

Marley and A Hangover – The Best Films On Tv This Week

It's our picks of the week...

Sue Murphy

There are so many films on TV on a weekly basis, we thought we would draw your attention to some of the better movies that you can check out from the comfort of your own home. Here are five of the best films that are on TV this week.

1. The Hangover Part II, RTE One, Monday, 9.30pm.

Let’s face it, pretty much everyone is going to be out on the town on Monday. If you’re not, you might just want to watch this to remind you what might happen if you did have a Hangover. It’s more of the same, and certainly not as good as the first instalment, but it’s still pretty enjoyable.

2. Children of Men, Sky Movies Indie, Tuesday, 11pm.

There is no other word for this film except marvellous. Starring Clive Owen and Michael Caine, Children of Men is set in the future with the human race facing extinction. However, there is one woman who is pregnant, the first woman pregnant for 20 years. Clive, of course, makes it his mission to protect her.

3. Marley and Me, RTE One, Wednesday, 9.35pm.

Be warned, you will cry. You will cry a lot. When they first get married, a couple get a puppy together, a very mischievous puppy but one that grows up with their children and becomes an important part of their family. If you turn it off about twenty minutes before the end, you will survive.

4. (500) Days Of Summer, Film4, Thursday, 7pm.

Well, we were well aware of the wonderful Joseph Gordon-Levitt before this film, but this was really the piece that put him on the map. In 500 Days, Gordon Levitt tells the story of his relationship with a woman who he loved, but is apparently no longer with. It’s just lovely. LOVELY!

5. Aliens, E4, Friday, 9pm

Looking for a sci-fi thrill? This is the one for you. Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is rescued years after an alien creature wiped out her ship and its crew. She accompanies a military expedition to the planet where she first encountered the famous alien, only to find that they’ve been reproducing… Thriller all the way!