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19th Jul 2021

Loyalties tested as Jake snogs Kaz on tonight’s episode

Sarah McKenna Barry

Won’t someone please think of Liberty?

Love Island fans were left fuming after last night’s teaser trailer showed preview footage of Jake snogging Kaz in tonight’s episode.

Many immediately thought the worst, and swore to protect Liberty after what looked like a major betrayal.

One fan wrote: “I swear to God if Jake gtes in the way of the Liberty and Kaz friendship there will be consequences.”

Thankfully, we now know that it is all part of a challenge called Snog, Marry or Pie.

The game sees contestants single out the contestant they’d most like to snog, marry or throw a pie at. Needless to say, the challenge leads to some unlikely islanders sharing a cheeky snog.

Most controversial among them is, of course, Kaz and Jake. But that’s not all. The challenge also sees Liam, who is coupled up with Millie, select Kaz as the islander he’d most like to snog.

The game also sees several islanders get pied right in the face. Unlucky recipients include Chloe, AJ and Faye.

Crucially, the challenge will force Lucinda to make a decision on her ongoing love triangle. Will she choose to snog Aaron or Danny? Or, will she pick a completely different boy altogether? Given the way things ended on last night’s episode, it’s all to play for.

The fallout of the challenge leads to some unanswered questions for a number of islanders. Some are, naturally, feeling pied off, while the game makes others consider who they might re-couple with.

Tonight’s Love Island will also see the group nominate a couple to send to the Hideaway. The islanders unanimously decide that Chloe and Toby should have the chance to spend the night together with more privacy.

This delights Chloe who says: “Everyone in there said ‘Chloe and Toby’. I’m going to the Hideaway – I’m excited!”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One the Virgin Media Player.