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06th Jun 2020

Love/Hate is back on RTÉ and we’re so excited to experience it all over again


Now that Normal People is over, we need another great Irish show to keep us going.

We can’t quite believe that it’s been almost six years since Love/Hate ended. It seriously does not feel like its finale was as far back as 2014.

We supposed that’s life now – being constantly thrown reminders that make us feel our youth slipping further and further away…

Anyway. We have seriously missed the show; we’ve missed the excitement of it, the thrill of waiting to see what each next episode brings and, yes, we’ve missed Robert Sheehan/Darren’s facial hair.

When this show was first airing, it felt like everyone in the country was watching it and, sure enough, more than half of all the people watching Irish television at the time were watching Love/Hate. For years, it was the most streamed Irish show on the RTÉ Player. Until Normal People came along, that is.

So, yes, Normal People knocked it out of its leading position but, tbh, Normal People ended up being a phenomenon that none of us could have predicted (but that we all very much welcomed nonetheless). And, while the shows are extremely different and not the same tone at all, the return of Love/Hate to the television right after the end of Normal People definitely helps to fill that Irish void.

For any of you who missed it, the first episode of season 1 aired last night on RTÉ One at 10:50pm and it was just as good as we remember it. The series will be continuing next Friday and the following Fridays after that at the same time. And, sure, you know yourself – if you missed it, you can always stream it on the RTÉ Player.

We are so ready for this return to the Dublin crime scene.