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25th Jan 2023

Love Island’s David reveals Olivia and Zara told other islanders they knew each other

Ellen Fitzpatrick

He’s spilling all.

David from this year’s Love Island has come back to the world of social media since he was dumped from the villa and he’s not holding back when it comes to gossip.

Speaking on TikTok about his experience on the show, David revealed the inside gossip about the relationship between Olivia and Zara.

The two islanders have been bickering over the last few days, with Zara choosing Tom at the recoupling which led to a massive blowup on last night’s episode.

The heated exchange saw Zara call Olivia “childish” while Olivia ran into the villa in tears saying: “She’s such a bitch.”

While the two now seem to have drawn a line and opted to get over it for the sake of the other islanders, but David claims the others in the villa know all about the girls’ history.

Replying to a question about it on TikTok, the fan asked: “Did Olivia and Zara talk about that they knew each other outside the villa?”

David then replied: “Yeah, this is something that was discussed in the villa, so, they told everyone; I think Zara told everyone that she knew Liv and Liv confirmed.”

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“Okay but what’s the backstory,” wrote one person, as another said, “It’s so confusing tho. why didn’t they just show us then.”

“How are you going to tease us like that! We need more info how do they know each other what’s the history for the tension,” another said.

Fans are now convinced the two are purposely creating drama as a way of getting more screen time – or that producers are forcing them to do it.

One fan said: “So Olivia and Zara knew each other long before love island… I’m losing hope on this show. All scripted and fake…”

Another wrote: “So are we just pretending that Olivia and Zara haven’t planned all this fake drama for airtime when they’re clearly besties on insta.”

A third wrote: “I’m starting to think the Zara and Olivia beef is fake, they know each other and could have gone in with a plan to create drama.”

While a fourth wrote: “Now that I know Zara and Olivia know each other this whole thing feels fake af.”

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