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07th Oct 2017

Lethal Bizzle ends feud with Chris and Kem over their hit track

One of the music world's most bizarre spats ever?

The last few months have been a hell of a ride for Love Island‘s Chris and Kem.

Having appeared on the ITV2 dating show over the summer, the pair used their new-found ‘fame’ to follow this up by pursuing a career in music.

Their song, Little Bit Leave It, released in collaboration with their fellow Love Island contestant Marcel ‘I used to be in the Blazin Squad’ Somerville, was released earlier this week.

Despite its surge up the charts, not everyone appeared to happy about it. We’re looking at you, Lethal Bizzle…

Earlier this week the MC claimed that the pair had used “leave it” – a phrase he claimed on a track in 2011 – without seeking his permission.

Thankfully, things appear to have calmed down a little. Lethal B has now confirmed in a video shared on his Instagram page that he has reached an agreement with Chris and Kem (or ‘Ross and Kemp’, as he refers to them).

#LittleBitLeaveit #LittleBitNotLeaveit ?

A post shared by Dench Gang ????? (@lethalbizzle) on

“Kemp and Ross have come to their senses and we’ve agreed a percentage for the Little Bit Leave It song.

“So there’s no more issues. So you lot go out there, support the ting.

“Because now man’s getting paid from it, man want to make sure my cheque is healthy.”

He has since tweeted that he’s considering giving the money he makes from the track to charity.