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03rd Jul 2019

Love Island’s Amy’s family and friends respond to Curtis’ brutal recoupling speech

Keeley Ryan

amy love island

Last night’s episode was INTENSE.

From recoupling to rage, tears and trauma we discussed it all on our Love Island podcast below.

Seriously, it’s worth a listen.

To be fair, it was pretty tough to watch.

Love Island ‘s Amy Hart’s family have responded to Curtis’ recoupling speech in a series of scathing tweets.

Last night’s [July 2] episode saw the dancer admit his head had been turned by new girl Jourdan – and he even told her that he would recouple with her, given the chance.

Ultimately, Jourdan told him she wasn’t interested in him – and recoupled with Danny, instead.

But viewers’ hearts were breaking for Amy as, while this was going on, she was back in Casa Amor telling Molly-Mae how much she loved Curtis as he was her “best friend and boyfriend rolled into one”.

Then came the recoupling, where Curtis told the Islanders that he had been “lying” to himself about how well he and Amy’s relationship had bene going – but still decided to recouple with her.

He said:

“Amy and I haven’t had any tests or bumps in the road at the moment. Things were going fantastic until a couple days ago.

“Basically, a young lady walked into the villa and made me realise a lot of things. Over the past four days, I’ve found out more about myself and my feelings than ever before.

“It made me realise I had been lying to myself. Most of all, I had been lying to Amy, and that’s not a good thing.

“I just hope everything can be sorted out and this will even make us stronger than ever before, or this will break us.”

Lots of the Islanders were shocked by Curtis’ words, especially after Amy returned to the main villa and told everyone how much she had missed him.

A relieved Amy told Caroline Flack how she felt “good” about being reunited with her half-boyfriend.

She said:

“I’ve literally thought about him every minute of every day for the last four days, I’ve missed him so much, and all I’ve wanted – the girls are sick of me because I’ve been that girl.”

But as they sat back down at the fire pit, Curtis whispered to her that they had to “talk” later – leaving Amy looking crestfallen.

Now, Amy’s family and friends have responded to the brutal recoupling speech – and it’s pretty safe to say they’re not Curtis’ biggest fans.

“What a shame that Curtis got pied,” they joked soon after watching the dancer get shut down by Jourdan.

And after watching the brutal recoupling unfold, it was clear they were also broken-hearted by what had gone on.

“Oh Amy, girl.  YOU ARE  NO ONES  SECOND CHOICE,” they wrote.

They also liked a number of fan tweets supporting Amy, and saying that she deserved better than what had happened.

Tonight’s episode is set to see Amy and Curtis clash after their “talk” – which we’re hoping will see the truth about his feelings for Jourdan come to light.

In case you need a refresher of what happened last night, here are all the new couples after Tuesday’s Love Island:

  • Danny and Jourdan
  • Anton and Belle
  • Curtis and Amy
  • Tommy and Molly-Mae
  • Lucie and George
  • Maura and Marvin
  • Anna and Ovie
  • Michael and Joanna

Meanwhile, both Jordan and Amber are now single after their partners decided to couple up with someone else.


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