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28th Jun 2023

Love Island fans work out why Kady “purposely” called Zach the wrong name

Have they hacked the case?

Love Island viewers are convinced they have “worked out” the real reason that Kady called Zachariah the wrong name this week on the show.

Thinking they have sussed out her game plan, the 27-year-old made her Love Island comeback on Friday night seven years after her original stint.

After coupling up with Zachariah, he decided to cook her breakfast when Kady made said the wrong name, the morning after she swerved his kiss on the terrace.

After the kiss that never landed, Zach was only more interested and decided to make breakfast for Kady, to which she said: “This is so sweet, thank you so much Scott.”

Zach replied: “You’re welcome. And my name is Zachariah by the way.”

Fans are now convinced that she is purposely rejecting Zach, and have come up with theories as to why this could be the case.

Thinking that Kady is trying to break Zach down, one person wrote: “Kady came into this villa with an incredible game plan. She purposely called him Scott and she purposely didn’t kiss him. She knows exactly what she’s doing.”

Another said: “Can’t help but think Kady called him Scott on purpose! And after he made the effort to make her a brekkie!! AWKWARD.”

While a third wrote: “Oooooh what a low blow from Kady calling Zach Scott. This gal is causing serious drama.”