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07th Jul 2023

Love Island fans are all feeling the same way about Scott after last night’s episode

Love Island

We’re team Scott on this one.

Love Island fans are all saying the exact same thing about Scott following last night’s episode of the show.

Getting to see more of the fallout from the Casa Amor recoupling, Scott and Catherine got into a heated argument about their relationship and her decision to return to the main villa with Elom.

Defending her own actions, Catherine told him: “First of all, I want to say I didn’t appreciate the way you tried to spin that…

“You haven’t even heard me… you don’t know what I’ve based my decisions off… at the end of the day, I met Elom and Elom is great. It’s given me more time to figure this out.”

Scott replied: “Catherine, there is no time… out of the girls that came in you were my number one…”

Catherine then asked: “Do you think for a second you weren’t my number one?”

Scott then followed up with that he had previously defended himself against other islanders who doubted he had feelings for her, saying: “Well, clearly not…four days ago I sat everyone round the fire pit.”

Catherine replied: “It wasn’t for me Scott, it was for you.”

While Scott said “It was for you…big things are how I show my affection,” before she replied, “You didn’t do that for me!”

The conversation got even more heated before Whitney approached them and told Catherine to calm down and the two later had another conversation.

While Scott attempted to explain his feelings, Catherine was still defensive leaving viewers torn over their relationship – but many were team Scott.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “It’s hard defending Catherine when Scott hasn’t done anything wrong.”

Another said: “Nah Scott literally wiped the seat for Cat please wake up please he’s literally doing so much in little ways.”

A third added: “Catherine needs to stop having all this attitude for Scott of all people when she’s 100% in the wrong.”

While a fourth penned: “the way scott keeps trying to work it out with catherine but she just shuts it down so quick is driving me insane.”