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22nd Jun 2023

Love Island fans deem Sammy one of the most “unlikeable” islanders of all time

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Love Island fans are not impressed with him on their screens…

Love Island fans have deemed Sammy one of the most “unlikeable” islanders of all time after Wednesday night’s show.

Following his tense chat with Catherine which left her in tears, many criticised Sammy for the behavior he showed.

The confrontation first started after the compatibility vote in the previous episode where the islanders were forced to choose who was the least compatible.

Sammy chose Catherine and Scott to be the least compatible, which left the Dublin native devastated and wanting to know more from Sammy.

Pulling him aside, Catherine asked what he meant by the comments and Sammy was adamant about what he had said, claiming he didn’t think there was a physical connection between her and Scott.

Causing Catherine to break down in tears, fans of the show took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Sammy and how he dealt with the situation, and how he “degraded” people.

One person wrote: “GET HIM SCOTT!! Sammy needs to be dragged from every angle.”

Another said: “If Sammy has a disagreement with a guy he lets them finish and actually has an adult conversation but starts bucking up, interrupting, and acting like a motor-mouthed bitch whenever he disagrees with the women and it’s so triggering.”

A third wrote: “It’s obvious that Catherine digested Sammy’s micro-aggressive comments and that’s why She’s crying. If he doesn’t leave this villa now ITV there will be consequences.

A fourth penned: “Sammy is actually the grimiest little creature I can’t take any more of him on my screen.”